David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award Park- a selection of comments from our customers





 "Good clean and friendly park. Well kept lawns and trees with plenty of wildlife and wildflowers. Environment is excellent." 

"Having been on this site for 27 years now this in itself should be good enough recommendation for the serenity and peacefulness of the area and closeness to natural environment." 

 "This lovely park blends in with the countryside. It is so natural. Every form of wildlife is catered for with beautiful hedgerows and trees. It is a credit to the Dale family." 

"Seldom Seen is run to the highest possible standards." 

"It is difficult to keep a caravan park attractive yet kind to wildflowers and wildlife. This park appears to do both." 

Hummingbird Hawkmoth "As a visitor to this park all the year round the very high standards of this park are never allowed to drop." 

"Seldom Seen continues to do an excellent job of balancing the needs of guests along side the natural environment." 

"So many different plants in such a small area. There is also a wide range of bird life. A small park but very well kept." 

"It is a well kept park. Spotlessly clean. It is a nice place to spend my weekend breaks."

"A really nice place to go to. We will be back."

Buddleja Butterfly Bar "I have had a caravan on this park for 29 years. The park is so natural and beautiful.  It is animal, bird, flowers, trees etc. friendly. It is like a piece of heaven in the countryside."

"Seldom Seen is a very good park run by a very caring family. They not only care for the people who stay at the park but they care for the wildlife and the environment."

"The park is well run and the wildlife well preserved and plenty of flowers to look at and the Dale family make you feel welcome."

"Been here many, many years and love to see the plants and birds and the peacefulness of the park."